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Learning For Independence LFI

The Learning for Independence (LFI) program provides students ages 18 – 21 the opportunity to develop the life skills necessary to function more independently in the community.

The LFI program provides students who are working towards a Certificate of Completion and pursuing alternative outcomes, a wide array of opportunities to develop the skills necessary for supported community based employment as a postsecondary goal.

Classes Offered

  • Budgeting & Finance
  • Career & Social Issues
  • Community Transportation & Resources
  • Computer Concepts
  • Creative Arts (Art, Music, Theater)
  • Healthy Living
  • Transitional Math and Reading
  • Work Experience


  • Be 18-21 years old: Student participation in the program will start at the beginning of the school year after their 18th birthday.
  • Have independent living and supported employment goals/ activities reflected in the Transition Plan of the IEP.
  • Be referred by his/her home school building coordinator
  • Have a strong likelihood of being competitively employed with support in the community upon exit at age 21.
  • Have participated in a school based work/community setting before applying for this program
  • Have successfully completed the LFI application process.
  • Attend the program Monday – Friday from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.






LFI Program Brochure

Application Process

  1. At the student’s annual IEP meeting, prior to their 18th birthday, the team will consider the LFI program as part of transition planning.
  2. If appropriate, the home school Building Coordinator will complete the LFI online application.
  3. LFI staff and Instructional Coach will review the referral packet with home school building coordinator.
  4. After the student is approved for consideration for the LFI program by a Program Facilitator, parent and student will visit LFI at Cecil College for a tour and interview.
  5. Parent and student will complete and submit the application for the LFI Program at the completion of the tour.
  6. An IEP meeting will be scheduled at the home school for all accepted students with participation from LFI staff.

Student Expectations

  • Adhere to the CCPS attendance policy
  • Abide by all safety regulations at CCST and Cecil College and the various vocational and community sites
  • Maintain self-discipline and exhibit maturity
  • Adhere to the CCPS dress code policy across all settings
  • Ride the school bus to and from CCST and Cecil College
  • Achieve identified vocational and independent living skills
  • Be trained to use public transportation in the community
  • Participate in special events sponsored by Cecil College