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Bus Stops

Bus routes with bus stops are developed each summer based upon the location of student population and their transportation needs. All student locations are obtained from the school database. For a successful, stress free start to the school year, it is imperative that student data is updated when a change is made. Changes can include moving to a new residence, selecting a new child care provider, or a change to the domestic environment (ie custody arrangements). All these examples can impact a student's transportation requirements.

Please review the information mailed to your home prior to the start of school. If any information needs to be updated, contact your student's school. Changes to a student record may require documentation. The Guidance Department of the middle and high schools will provide any requirements and at the elementary level, you may speak to the Registration Secretary.

You will receive a booklet from the Transportation Department the first few days of school, the Parent Guide for Student Transportation. This may answer questions about student transportation in general. Keep this document handy during the school year in the event other questions come to mind. Also, you may want to review the FAQ on the Transportation Department website.

Please do not ask your driver to change a scheduled bus stop. Bus drivers cannot change or create bus stops for students. Review the Bus Stop Guidelines and submit a School Bus Stop Review Request Form to the Transportation Department. These requests will be reviewed in the order received and within 10 business days.