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All students attending school must be in compliance with the current Maryland State School Immunization Laws, Rules, and Regulations. School districts are mandated to enforce this law on behalf of the Department of Health.

In order to start school, a student must be:

  • Adequately immunized - evidenced by dates provided to the school
  • In progress of becoming adequately immunized - evidenced by providing the proper documentation to the school
  • Properly exempted - evidenced by the proper medical or religious exemption signed and provided to the school.

Students who are not adequately immunized, in progress, or properly exempted are excluded from school until one of these conditions is met. In the case of an outbreak of communicable disease and in accordance with current Maryland State law, the county health officer has the right to exclude students and/or employees from school buildings. Vaccination exemptions do not apply during an emergency or epidemic of disease.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide the student's immunization records to the school.

COMAR Regulations

Maryland DHMH Immunization Certificate

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